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The news come to you !

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Settings :

- General settings
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1.General settings
The general parameters enable you to configure the path of your Internet navigator as well as the time of refreshing of the news titles.

Warning :
Do not choose a too short refresh time if you have a not very fast Internet connection.

2.Source of news settings

At the time of the configuration a certain number of information are required of you (see screenshots):
- Le titre de la source de news
It is the title which will appear in Ze-NewsGet
- L'url du fichier de backend
It is the URL where Ze-NewsGet must gone to seek the file
- Le formatage du backend
It is the way in which the file of backend is formatted.
Indeed, Ze-NewsGet with need to know the formatting of the file of backend to be able the parser.

The syntax of the formatting of backend of Ze-NewsGet is very simple, it rests on two beacons:
- titre
- url

To place the beacons (titre, url) :
1) Open a navigator containing the backend (ex : http://www.ze-linux.com/backend4parser.php)

You must have something like that
Les serveurs d'MSN Hotmail ont été infectés par Code Rouge
NSF a dépensé 53 millions $ pour un ordinateur
Test de cartes-mères i815EP sous Linux

2) Split the news
In our example, we have 3 news, therefore three block. Let us separate the first blocks, it thus remains us:
Les serveurs d'MSN Hotmail ont été infectés par Code Rouge

Our news blocks is composed of 3 lines:
- the first which does not interest us
- the second which is the title of the news
- the third which is the URL of the news

We thus will replace these 3 lines by the Ze-NewsGet beacons :
- ** ou %%
- titre
- url

The formatting of the backend for the Ze-Linux.com site is thus :

Easy not ?

You still did not understand? It is not serious go in the section Source of news you will understand quickly.

Note :
The characters used as uninteresting line are not obligatory the demarcation characters, Ze-Linux example uses %% like demarcation character of news, we could have put ** in the formatting of the backend

Warning :
If you misled in the formatting, the data displayed by Ze-NewsGet will be erroneous

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